Sarah Johnson is the one woman show behind Rogue Ceramics. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia where she works for a web design company by day and pots in her humble studio by night. Her love of mud has taken various forms - from spending many summers as a gardener and landscaper, to continuously expanding her rock collection, to learning how to hand build in school, Sarah's affinity for having her hands in the dirt naturally led her to clay and the wheel. After completing a degree in Theatre and English, Sarah started taking pottery classes. It's been a love affair ever since.

With encouragement from her mentor, Ann Coleman, Sarah took the leap of starting her own creative space (Puerta Rosa Studio) with a few other local potters. Puerta Rosa Studio is a pottery dreamworld that sits above an ice cream shop, beside a brewery, across the hall from a coffee roaster, around the corner from a pie shop, and steps to the ocean. It is her happy place.

Sarah strives to create pieces that reconcile movement with tranquility, minimalism with approachability, and intentional design with the natural world.